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Nellie's first car was a 1919 Coupe given to her by her father.  Little did we (or he) realize that one car would lead to a hobby that we both enjoy.  After an early experience with an "event" on an Arkansas Tin Lizzie tour (lost a rod) we had the car completely restored and have enjoyed touring in the car since.  In 2010 we made a 2,500 mile trip through Montana, Western Canada, Idaho and Wyoming in the car.  Great fun!

Our second car was the 1925 Depot Hack although the year is by our choice determined by the production date of the first engine that we had installed.  And, it is a "high" radiator/hood so saying it is a 1925 is good enough even though it does have early (1918) rear fenders.  This car has been on one national tour the Hillbilly Tour in Springfield.  Currently (2010 and 2011), we are working on a complete restoration of the car.  Since we use this car on Mt. Nebo, the complete frame, engine, and all sheet metal has been powder coated to stand up to the high humidity that is typical on top of "our" mountain.

Realizing we needed an open car for cross country touring we acquired the 1923 Touring from a good friend in Northwest Arkansas.  Thinking the car was in great mechanical shape we worked on improving the "appearance" with new paint and upholstery and a few simple things like a reworked front end.  Our plan was to drive this car from Springfield, MO to Richmond, IN for the Model T Centennial.  The plan was to travel with members of the Arkansas Tin Lizzies and friends from the Springfield, MO are to Richmond.  Our first cross country experience.  About six weeks before we were to depart for Richmond, we had a significant "event."  Lost power and the engine started knocking on a test drive.  After checking all of the alternatives, we called a now good friend in Tulsa (Mike Bender) and he rebuilt the complete engine and transmission in less than three weeks... the only thing that I brought back from Tulsa from the original engine was the oil pan, hogs head, and the "Z" head.  The block, key transmission parts, crank shaft and rods all need to be replaced!  What a job Mike... thank you!!!

Then came the 1925 Tudor, an eBay purchase that came at a very good price and the car was/is in excellent condition.  We had the engine rebuild, installed a Warford transmission, front bumpers and some other period correct stuff just for the fun of it.  The car is very heavy but fun to ride on the cooler winter days.

The latest addition is our 1926 Pickup.  After touring in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Arizona with a friend with a pickup, we just knew we had to have one as our primary cross country touring car.  The mechanicals were restored in 2010 and we plan on touring in the truck in May 2011 on the Gulf Coast Tour.  Following the 2011 touring season, we will dismantle the truck and plan to power coat the body either a dark blue or dark red to be closer to period correct.


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