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  • 2008 Centennial "T" Party in Richmond, IN.  A trip organized by the Arkansas Tin Lizzies group and involved trailering our T's to Springfield, MO and then driving the T's to Richmond, IN and back to Springfield, MO.  In addition, we spent a week in Richmond enjoying the 100 year anniversary of the Model T, touring the area and visiting with Model T friends.  This was our first adventure in the T for multiple days.

  • 2009 Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Arizona a great cross country trip out west with two organized tours.

  • 2010 Blue Ridge Parkway the "group," made a great trip from Johnson City, TN up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Gettysburg, PA and back through West Virginia.

  • 2010 Western Tour Bill and Nellie joined Joe and Betty on a great trip out west.  A major event caused Bill and Nellie to return to Arkansas for another car.  Except for missing the MTFCI tour in Rapid City, SD all went well for the remaining 2,600 miles.

  • 2011 Gulf Coast Tour Mike and Brenda Bender, Ted and Linda Kyle, Nick and Connie Nickolas, Duane and Kathy Schwab and Bill and Nellie Howell on a tour that actually started in Tulsa where the Benders, Kyles and Nicholas meet and drive their cars to Mt. Nebo to join the Schwabs and Howells.  From Mt. Nebo the group will drive their Ts to the Natchez Trace, down the Trace, then down the Great River Road to Bayou Country in Louisiana.  After visiting New Orleans the tour will continue along the Gulf Coast, then back up several scenic drives and parkways into Tennessee.  Then cross country back to Mt. Nebo and Tulsa.  The total trip including the return to Tulsa will be roughly 4,200 miles in the Ts.

  • 2012 Colorado Trip Not really a "major tour" but lots of fun with our Touring Ts friends.  There is a new cam that need some shop work and we all needed to get away and out of the heat for a few days.

  • 2012 New England The Touring Ts (Mike and Brenda Bender, Ted and Linda Kyle, Nick and Connie Nickolas, Duane and Kathy Schwab and Bill and Nellie Howell) making a tour of the New England area in the fall of the year.  The trip covers seven (7) States and a quick trip into to Canada for an evening.  Highlights include:

    • The Maine coast with visits to many lighthouses and lots of good seafood

    • The White (NH), Green (VT), and Berkshires (MA) Mountains for the fall foliage

    • The South Coast in Connecticut and Rhode Island

    • Martha's Vineyard, Hyannis and Cape Cod

    • Plymouth, Lexington, Concord and Boston for a step back in our history


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