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Friday, 7/18 - Depart Thermopolis, WY in T's on 7/16 planned drive of about 240 miles to Gillete, WY about 100 miles from Gillette we had a major problem. Lost a rod, I think we actually just lost the babbitt in the bearings.

Daily Journal:

First day in the T's.  What a start.  Great roads and views and lots of car problems.

A broken part in Bill's carburetor resulted in stops for adjustment and tinkering before it was finally change out with a different set up which required piping around the "new" fuel pump.  And that was just the beginning.  About 80 miles from Gillette, there was a knocking noise and loss of power!  Fearing the worse, Bill and Nellie waited on the side of the road while Joe and Betty drove on to Gillette (into cell phone coverage) to call a wrecker to retrieve the 1923 Touring from the side of the road.

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Last modified: 09/10/12