17th Rapid City, SD (MTFCI)

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The plan was to drive our T's to Rapid City, SD arriving in time to register for the Model T Ford Club International (MTFCI) hub tour out of Rapid City.  Actually we...

Daily Journal:

Saturday, 7/17 - Rented a modern car in Gillette, WY and drove back to Thermopolis, WY get Truck and Trailer.  Then we returned to Gillette, loaded T's and started the drive back to Car Barn.  While Joe and Betty continued with their Modern Car and Trailer (with their T) to Rapid City.  Our break down at the very beginning really caused a lot of confusion and a major change in our plans. 

Looking back, it once again convinced us that you can get out of almost any problem if you have a credit card and the willingness to wait for a wrecker.

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Last modified: 09/10/12