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Again, the plan was to participate in the MTFCI Tour.  Joe and Betty did, Bill and Nellie were at home trying to figure out which car was best suited to make the return trip to Montana to complete the planned Western Tour.

We had to decide between the 1925 Tudor, really neat enclosed (very heavy) car that has lots of space and room for all of Nellie's "stuff."  Or the smaller and much lighter 1919 Coupe that might we might be cramped for space but we knew would travel the hills much better.  In the end, the 1919 won out.  We had recently completed a three day progressive tour in the 1919 with the Arkansas Tin Lizzies so we had a lot of confidence in the car and knew we could figure out a way to pack efficiently so that we could make it work.

After making the decision we then had to make sure the car was ready for the trip and that we had a good plan on how to pack the stuff that we really needed.  Then we had to get back to Montana. 

We decided to meet Joe and Betty in Billings, MT after the MTFCI tour.  This looked like a good central location (actually, north of Thermopolis which would make the total trip not much different from the original plan) and let Joe and Betty avoid being out in the wide open spaces by themselves.

The remaining pictures until we all join up in Billings, MT are from Joe and Betty.

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