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Daily Journal:

Friday, 7/30 - It was a good thing we got started early this morning.  We decided to go down the road a bit before stopping for breakfast and our timing couldn't have been better.  When we stopped in the small town of Ft. MacLeod we couldn't have been more lucky...

  • We just HAPPEN to pick the most poplar spot in town for breakfast...
  • Joe just HAPPEN to park right in front of the door.
  • We just HAPPEN to talk to a fellow that showed some interest in the Model T's
  • Joe just HAPPEN to look out and see antifreeze "running" out of his radiator
  • The fellow we talked to earlier just HAPPEN to have a place we could work on the car
  • There just HAPPEN to be a shop that could repair the radiator (well at least they had the equipment)
  • It just HAPPEN to be a big holiday weekend in Canada and there was a big car show just down the road that all of the "old car" folks were going to attend
  • It just HAPPEN that all of the "old car" folks showed up to see our Model T's
  • It just HAPPENED that one of the fellows noticed that not only was the radiator busted... but the cause of the break was a broken front cross member... and it just HAPPENED that he is a great welder and it just HAPPENED that the shop had great welding equipment?

So what did we learn... once again, great people exist all over the place and "old car" folks are always willing to help get you back on the road.

Although the repairs did take some time... we still made it to Fernie before too late (even if the motel was bad at least we were on the road again!)

Daily Miles: 140
Accumulative Miles Since Billings, MT: 839

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Last modified: 09/10/12